LittleGirlLand is the RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME Club. The email list to which you are enrolled is called LittleGirlLand. The purpose of LittleGirlLand is to become more OF A part of RUFFLE & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME and get in touch with others like yourself who share the same specific interests that are catered to here. This is the first level of being a regular participant here,

As we all know, social networking is a major activity. Originally confined to message boards and chat, it grew with the creation of groups like Yahoo!. Now, you have Myspace and others that let you not only post and chat but keep a weBLOG, put up picutres and bookmark website links.

For all of that the ABLG community has been a bit left out, since the material is adult in nature, most if not all major web service providers and social networks do not wish to touch us with a ten foot diaper pin. so we have not had much in the way of networking resources.

Say good-bye to those days. When I put up RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME, back in early May '10, I whined about how limited things were. In a bit over a month I found three ABDL networks that have high quality features. Sadly, we have had to BAN DIAPERTIMES and DIAPERSPACE for practicing censorship. In the case of Dipaerspace, it was not as overt and could have been just a case of incompetence, but it was so gross that the latter is not likely. The problem is that no one social network has it all. Daily Diapaer has an excellent Blog system.and gallery. My limit is 4 such networks.

Now, I want to make LittleGirlLand a good place to be in its own right and I looked about for social network software and found that it is costly, about $US300 plus, requires huge amounts of space, which costs money and needs to be maintained. Well, believe it or not, Nurse Bridget Alicia has a life. I will maderate and update LittleGirlLand and join in the doings here, but that is about it (and that is quite enough). I see the way DailyDi slaves over Daily Diaper and there are still some glitches; that is not for me. This all comes at a price. You must be an active part of it. That requires action on your part and it is up to you to get the resources to do that. We provide the tools, some resource access, templates and instructions so that anyone with a bit more skill than a newbie can do this and reap the many rewoards of participation. There are already 11 thing here to start with, some of which, like trading files up to 2 GB and writing full articles you cannot do at other places. The good part of that is that the members can take a creative part in how LGL works, which means we can add new things and activities to what is here already. However, it is up to yuo to be active which will show that you are interested and not just a useless thing that just comes in and plops herself down, expecting to be taken care of by others. The more you do, the more you get. That is how the world works. To enable us to have the best of all worlds, we have created LittleGirlLand as a meta-network which enables you to join onther networks with LGL as a "hub". MOVE IN for website owners, and MyProfle. which uses the Profile page to access all networks we deem useful and proper. In addition a central registry of LittleGirlLand members; LittleGirlSpace, is kept that each member can access and just because it is called LittleGirlLand does not mean that we exclude Mommies, Nannies/Governess, Mistresses, Stepmothers or Rubber Mistresses or Nurses: Where would Little Girls be without the proper discipline and chastizement that keeps them on their best behavior? Using LittleGirlLand you get at the best of any ABDL network that we find in the future. Daily Diaper has the best blog and picture gallery setup.. LittleGirlLand is also a nearly complete network. HERE IS AN IMAGE OF THE CURRENT HOME PAGE and INFORMATION

Our Network; Our Way; By Our Own Hand!

We do not get into the gossipy minutia like Friends/connections; you can connect on your own, or ratings and reputations, That is for empty-heads who are in dire need of lives and personalities, or some of the self-absorbed, cretinous material like (demo example) "How Much Do You Know About Nruse Bridget? that you might find on Facebook and we do not Tweet: that is for the birds--and birdbrains!. We also do not text. Learn to find the shift and punctuation keys; they are not on Mars! When I see "hey im a adult baby u like to wet ur diaper lol" the first thing that comes up is my dinner and the first thing that comes to mind is "airhead" and if the person is over 25 it is "Where is the front of the horse?" and the credibility rating goes to -1 and you can count on a public comment. Also, the absolute advantage of LittleGirlLand in itself is that it is "our kind of people". No poop, S/M, Daddy/little boy, throw-away diapers, furry/babyfur, or the real mondo bizaro or self-conscious fetishism goes here. If any of that is you, then do not bother

How TO USE LittleGirlLand

  1. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ ALL THE MATERIAL ABOUT SECURITY AND NAMES IN THE GATEHOUSE AND ORIENTATION SINCE THE FIRST THING WE COVERED IS SECURITY!!!!!! We have built in passive security by having no direct links to you that you cannot control yourself. The Fairies help only those who help themselves. As part of that, be sure that you have an email address that you use only for here and related. What happens here should stay here. As with all things RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME, our Code of Conduct and Contact Ettiquette apply
  2. I should not have to say this, but just in case: LittleGirlLand is part of RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME. So as you can guess, it is all about Little Girls and the ladies who run their lives.
  3. The idea of the MyProfle is to provide an "at-a-glance look at you as a Little Girl, Mommy, etc. The profile page is a template that has fill-ins for newbies. If you know what you are doing then you can add custom items. Just keep them relevent and do not overdo it, 1 to 1-1/3 scrreens should do it
  4. You will need a profile to join so download the PROFILE KIT FOR WEBSITES: See EXAMPLE and TOOLS or NON-WEBSITE PROFILE KIT: See EXAMPLE. The latter is large as it includes two very good image editors and a sample folder with a music file and creates a more self-contained profile. There is also the possibility of the GOLD TIARA Premium membership but I must firts solve a few problems
  5. Unzip and follow the instructions. You do not need a high or even mediun skill level, the barest minimum will do. You do need some perseverence. This is also a plus since the baddies are after a quick, easy kill and the persons not willing to do the work are not that interested or interesting to start with so this blocks the troublemakers and useless hangers-on, gawkers, poseurs and thrill-seekers.
  6. When completet zip the following into one file:
    • your profile page
    • your Display image
    • the music you choose to use, if any.
    • You will not need to send me any of the included images from the profile kit as they are on the site ready to use. but you need to send all custom images that you use. For backgrounds; this was created on a 600 x 800 scrren
  7. Send the package to me at:
  8. I will move the page to LittleGirlLand and put up the link in the members area to which only members can get, even if your profile page is public. All networks use members only access to profiles and have privacy settings. If you have your own site and live here. I shall put a link in your living area as well by using your profile page as your entry. The most anyone can get is your email for busienss here and links to your network profile pages. Which if you are putting up a profile page then you will want them to get that. Your email is displayed in such a way as to be unreadable to all but people and if you are a good girl and do as you are told, nothing will follow you home that you do not let follow you home.
  9. A username and passworkd will be given to you. The name will be your first and middle with the first letter of each in upper case. Your password will be one of your chosing with the your initials. all in lower case letters. Please note this as the login is case sensitive.
  10. The next and higest leve of participation here is to MOVE IN