A plan by which you can become a Premium member of RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS HOME's LittleGirlLand

WHAT DOES IT COSISTO OF? Along with thebasic LittleGirlLand membership you get

You are encoraged and given the tools to store large items like photos/images (best formats: jpg and gif) and videos (best format avi) off-site at places designed for that purpose then link to them. This enables you to use the 12 MB of space most efficiently, like for pages that you write yourself. This makes maximum use of your disk space at the server. You can make maximum use of bandwidth by creating photo albums and video playlists at your hosting site which usually sets you up for such things. This lets you use 12/200 MB more like 50/1000 (1GB). In its first 3 years, RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME the known as LITTLE CHRISTINE'S PLAYHOUSE and RUBBER NURSERY WAS 12 MB but that was in a simpler time but it was superb for that time

HOW IT WOULD WORK: This would be a special membership. Because we are not ad-supported like Sissy Kiss or a pay-to-join club, we must charge a small price: 6.00/yr which is $0.50/month seems reasonable. I now have the space to support 40. , that would bring in $20.00/month. This would let me upgrade to more space and band. I could then expand the membership and. 10 members would let me upgrade to the next level. This way, I could "caterpillar" up to better hosting plans as well as make this a better site. The best I can do costs $US175 and could hold 900 members, the proceeds of which would allow me to get a good forum and other things for the members' use. After that it is get my own server in which case, with space in the terabytes, the sky is the limit and at $US6/yr membership fee, nobody would even feel it. It would also keep out the fleabags

This is in the proposal stage, not yet a fact but you can have the builder kit NOW. If it were this paragraph would not be here. What is holding it back is that I need to learn how to limit the subdomain to the proper size and about passowrod proteciting your directory (folder) so that it and only it is reachable only by you.