LittleGirlLand - Our Take on Social Networking

Get your dolly, put on your dress and tiara and do not forget your diaper and rubber panties because when you see what there is to do here, I promise you will be so thrilled that you wet yourself


This is the place for the ultimate RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME active Little Girl, Mommy, Mistress or Nusrse/Rubber Nurse. This is the place where YOU add your part to RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME. With 11 group features, you are the Princess of the Premises because we cater the most to the girls who are the most active.

As part of RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME, LittleGirlLand is a SandraLyn place with all that this menas

ADMINISTRATION NOTE: I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT GOES ON HERE!That is unavoidable so anything illegal is out, anything obscene is out, the same with anything profane, vulgar or unladylike. ALL SOCIAL NETWORKING SITES HAVE ONE OR MORE ADMINISTRATORS: In the case of LittleGirlLand. I am more up front and visible. I alos am the Moderator. By the nature of LittleGirlLand, I must put here the features and things that get put here. At least I know what goes in here works right becuase I try it out. In one way, we are all Admins and Mods since we each take care of our own lists and things we put here and since someone may find something that may be of use here and call it to my attention. The more we can put here, the more we can do here and the more I like it: I would love to be able to say "We have so many good things here that we put diapers and rubber panties on the others and make them wet themselves". When you join, you should already know what does and does not go here. There are two thing you live by here

Think of these as Terms of Service:

Repeated or gross violations of these rules will result in a public warning and then removal from the main list. If one wishes not to recieve anything from a specific member or group, mark it as spam and your email provider will send it to the block or spam box

SECURITY: The watchword around RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME IS WHAT TOUCHES YOU [user, member, regular visitor] TOUCHES US AND WHAT TOUCHES US TOUCHES YOU and we do not want it to be the tarbaby. Since LittleGirlLand is part of RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME, all the rules apply. Since this is a set up for peer-to-peer interaction, some rather special rules apply. These rules are mostly about porcedures rather than content and mostly directed to me as the creator, mantainer, chief machanic and chief cook and bottle washer: Also as the most sneaky person here. I have implemented these rules in the most easy to follow and hardest to break way I can. This group is userID/password protected. Within that, the Member registry is also userID/Password protected. I have taken some steps to see to it that the login page cannot be copied. Those steps yield moderate security at best. An important layer of security is that entry to this club is buried among other things and must be found. You need to be interested in the subject matter to have found it or have had to be stunningly fortunate.Then getting in is a 3-step owner-interactive process and you do not get the userID and Password to here until everything else is in place; all quite easily done if you are interested in the material here. The uninterested or scammer is highly unlikely to find it and then needs some skill to get by the security. That is not likely to happen since 99% of scammers work on a volume basis and 99% of it is done by bots. Therefore they need a quick kill that can be read electronically so any attempt to mine this club for addies would have to be done by persons. It takes more time to find this group and break the moderately effective security or join under false pretenses than they are willing to spend since they can just get email lists and things much more easily with many thousands of targets each. Even if they do manage to get in here and even into the registry, the addresses, like all such at anything SandraLyn are presented in mixed text/image format so that they cannot be electronically read or got at. Also, if you followed instructions and used webmail then you are pretty virus proof and you have no onboard address book for here and if you did as you were told at Orientation you have reasonable protection against attack sites and ways to recover if all else fails. So while it can and probably will happen, we make it extremely unlikely to happen or be fatal if it does. Also, we ban places such as DIAPER BOOK that have a great deal of peer-to-peer access that can be and has been abused. We do not know and do not care to find out if that can spread to here through any links. If yu have any links to this kind of place, keep them off this whole domain. We do not want suprises. Finally, I am a member of just about everthing here and must be included in all sub-groups. This lets me see what is going on, spot troulbe, inform the owner and if need be, delete the group if the owner is uncooperative.Given all of this and the fact that everything is done via webmail which acts as private forums, we can be as troll-free, spam free, scam free and problem-free as it gets. I know a troll by its failure to abide by the rules in the code of conduct and contact courtesy; for starters. As I said at the beginning "I want your business; I cannot keep your business by giving you the business"

CONNECTIONS & FRIENDS: We do not provide this We have found it to be the case that it usually accomplishes nothing since "Friends" usually just sit on your page like a lump on a log or else it leads to fights. If you wish to do so, contact the individual off-list by going to "Members" and looking at her profile. Tell her you would like to connect off list. If she does not respond she is not interested at that level. Some webmail providers let you make Connections and get Updates with your Contact list

SUBGROUPS: If you wish to form topic-specific subroups like coloring, bedrooms, etc. do so. There are only two restrictions: the material must be legal and it must be relevent, This can be found in the code of conduct and would exclude things like drugs, Pampers, trucks, punk (unfortuantely even steampunk, which I like) or Barbie. I AM RESPONSIBLE FOR WHAT HAPPENS HERE AND TO KEEP THIS PLACE REAONABLE ON TOPIC! You do it by telling all of us that you wish to form a group and what it is about, and I put it on the notices board with a link to your profile and we see what happens. You form the group by putting the addresses of those wishing to be members in an email group with its own name. You can then send me the image so that I can display it as an image link to the profile of the group's foundress. The image should be relevent to the group topic . For the sake of security, I am to be included in any and all groups here: I am responsible for what goes on here and whatever touches you, may touch us. If you know persons who are not members and you would like to bring them in you MUST have them come through the FRONT DOOR and make themselve known to us and get the join package; you may guide them through. This is so that we know who they are and they know the rules. Illegal immigration is not fair to those who did it right and play by the rules as well as the illegal immigrant because she has no idea of what she is getting into. We allow only one group per topic but you may join as many groups as you wish. You are alos automatically enrolled in all other RUFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME clubs like Tiara Girls and Rubber Kiss Girls. You are also automatically enrolled in NURSE BRIDGET'S RUBBER PANTY GROUP

CHAT: The days of chatrooms are pretty much over. They can be fussy and glitchy and require maintneance. Other factors are "conferencing" on Instant Messeners and email server chat. The best things to do are:

ARTICLES: Yes, we can write and publish articles, provided they are not too long. That means about 5 screensful per page. just downloaed the ARTICLES KIT and follow the instructions. For skill levels newbie+ and up. Since I wish to make the most of the space we have here, images should be stored on an adult-friendly photo host

MEDIA: Pictures, Videos and Blogs: If you look at "RHONDA LYNNE"'s demo profile, you will see that we know how to use hot and cool links, we can display large amounts of media using very little space. A page that displays 13 MB of video can be created with about 2KB of space. However, to do this, YOU need to have reliable, adult-friendly hosting for you work. Pictures can be photos or artwork. Here are some resource pages

This means that you can have as many as 3 different blogs (LITTLE RUBBER BABYDOLLS in the magazine rack, your profile and in the BLOGS section) and two sets of video and image/photo pages (your profile or website and the PHOTOS's and VIDEOS section here).

It works like this, you find the hostsite and send me the link to the media or your hompage/channel. As for picutres I will want the link, your name and a brief discription. You know the rules or can find out in a hurry. Please abide by them

FURTHER and MORE: The one good thing about this do-it-ourselves social network is that we can have things that the pre-built ones do not. I am always looking and if you find something that looks promising and is in keeping with the RUFFLES & RIBBONS GIRLS' HOME way of life, let me know. I cannot promise to use it, but if I do not, it is for a reason since I would rahter use things that are found than not. Beyond all of this, while I cannot promise anything, I am working on the prospect of a GOLD TIARA premium membership